Healthy Eats in NYC


I would guestimate that I cook about 70% of my food and order out the rest.

I love the act of cooking, the process, the successes and the screw ups-- it's all a learning and discovery game that you get to eat in the end! How delightful! And I also love knowing exactly what is going into my foods and thus my body.

But sometimes, girlfriend is way too busy (read: hangry) to wait around while food cooks when I know I could have something deliciously healthy already prepped for me in a matter of minutes. In those situations, I certainly have my go-to spots in NYC.

Here, I divulge those very places and my go-to orders at each spot (all no more than $20)!

- By Chloe - classic burger (sometimes as a salad) and air baked sweet potato fries 

By Chloe

By Chloe

- BareBurger - Falafelraptor and sweet potato fries 

- Taim Falafel - Sabich sandwich in a whole wheat pita with pickles

- Dig Inn - Farmer's Favorite bowl with mixed base of greens and grains, sweet potatoes, coconut roasted carrots, roasted broccoli (or cauliflower), and either 1/2 an avocado or 1 slice of tofu, lemon wedge (pictured on this post!)

Dig Inn

Dig Inn

- Hu Kitchen - I love going for their brunch and ordering 2 eggs over medium, sweet potatoes and broccoli with a gluten free biscuit and cashew cream sauce for dipping (their white bean chili is also bomb. And their chocolate, but that's another whole thing). 

- Sweetgreen/Chop't/Just Salad/Fresh&co - You can more or less get the same thing at each of these salad spots and I usually go with spinach or kale base, quinoa, sweet potato/butternut squash, tomatoes, cucumber, roasted broccoli, fresh lemon and balsamic vinegar. I add tofu, chickpeas or falafel if needing a bit more protein

- Beyond Sushi - I get there sweet potato roll, I forget what its called (btw, I like sweet potatoes). 

- Bluestone Lane - Brekkie board or avocado toast with poached eggs and beet latte

Bluestone Lane

Bluestone Lane

- Ruby's Cafe - Pumpkin salad with poached egg or shrimp avocado salad and sweet potato fries

- Avocado toast, from pretty much anywhere