3 Simple Ways to Cook Sweet Potatoes


Ask anyone who knows me well and they will tell you I have an unhealthy obsession with sweet potatoes. To be honest, you could ask anyone who doesn't know me very well and they would probably tell you the same thing. #noshame

Good thing they are SO healthy for you! And perhaps the easiest thing on the planet to cook (yes, even easier than boiling pasta, so there are no excuses). 

There are several many ways to cook sweet potatoes. Here are my top 3!

1) The FASTEST: The fastest way is to microwave them, which entails stabbing holes into the potato, wrapping it in a paper towel and placing the whole thing in the microwave for about 4-6 minutes. Great in a time crunch or when your stomach is simply starving to the point it might eat itself if you don't get something in there in under 5 minutes. BUT not the most flavorful way, and microwaves are also not the healthiest in terms of preserving nutrients (but that's a whole 'nother story).

2) The HEALTHIEST: cranking your oven up to 400F and plopping whole potatoes on a baking sheet for about 30-45 minutes is by far the easiest way to cook a sweet potato without having to do any additional preparation or mix-ins. They taste absolutely incredible by themselves without any seasonings or sauces or dips or anything (which makes them the healthiest and most natural), and they are ready to be used for any recipe you desire (savory or sweet! See how I use sweet potato in other recipes here!)

3) The MOST SATISFYING: if you say you don't like fries, you're lying. Get out. No time for dishonesty here. Did you know that french fries are the most eaten "vegetable" in America? SAD. SAD is what that is, children. (SAD also stands for Standard American Diet. Sad, indeed). Fear not, however, as french fries do not have to be so unhealthy and sinful. In fact, I eat them nearly every week, twice or thrice a week, and I still get to pick out stickers after my annual checkup as my healthy reward. Here's how*: set that oven to 400F, cut your potatoes into little sticks, line a baking sheet with tinfoil and coat with EVOO or Coconut Oil, spread out your potato sticks on the foil and push them around a bit to get a little coated in the oil, sprinkle desired seasonings (I love to use cinnamon, paprika, sea salt, and turmeric), and bake for about 25 mins. Let cool and enjoy the whole batch! (Sometimes I help myself to several potatoes worth at a time. Like I said, #noshame). 

*note this method can be used on regular potatoes or sweet potatoes