Simple Sweet Potato & Carrot Soup


Y’all know I’m never a fan of complicated anything, especially when it comes to food. This soup is as easy as they come, and the ingredients are pretty much listed in the title. 

Delicious served hot or cold, or even used as a pasta sauce!  

 GATHER: (makes 4-5 servings)

- 3 medium sweet potatoes, peeled

- 4 large carrots, chopped in half  

- desired herbs & spices: ginger, cumin, paprika, turmeric, Black pepper, Himalayan sea salt, oregano, garlic powder, etc

 - water

- optional: pumpkin seeds, EVOO/coconut oil  



1. Throw sweet potatoes and carrots in a large pot, and fill with water. Amount doesn’t really matter, but enough to cover the veggies. Bring to a boil and allow to cook for about 10 minutes, occasionally testing veggies for softness. You want them mashable with a fork, but not overly mushy. 

2. Empty the water into a separate bowl or large measuring cup— we will use this as broth. 

3. Using a high speed blender or a handheld electric blender/masher, mash the veggies, adding the veggie water a little at a time, as needed. 

4. Continue adding in water and blending until desired consistency is reached. Then add desired herbs and spices. 

5. Enjoy! If you’d like to add a little healthy fats, mix in some coconut oil or EVOO. Top with pumpkin seeds for a little crunch.