Healthy Eats in NYC


Updated: March 16, 2019

I would guestimate that I cook about 80% of my food and order out the rest (and even then, I usually always tweak the items off the menu to be customized as I see fit).

I love the act of cooking, the process, the successes and the screw ups-- it's all a learning and discovery game that you get to eat in the end! How delightful! And I also love knowing exactly what is going into my foods and thus my body.

But sometimes, girlfriend is way too busy (read: hangry) to wait around while food cooks when I know I could have something deliciously healthy already prepped for me in a matter of minutes. In those situations, I certainly have my go-to spots in NYC.

Matcha/Coffee/Tea (with wifi!):

- Cha Cha Macha

- Mo Ma Cha

- O Cafe

- Saltwater Cafe

- The Bean


  • Honestly, almost any corner bodega or health food store with a juicer is great and so much cheaper than going somewhere branded. You can literally watch them juice it, so you know it’s not sketchy.

  • My personal favorite in my ‘hood is East Village Organic

Brunch (all of these places have great sweet and savory options):

- Westbourne

- Pause Cafe

- Ruby's Cafe

- Village Den

- Broken Coconut

- Westville

Fast Casual (best for lunch):

- Charlie Street

- Cava

- Taim Falafel

- Dig Inn

- Hu Kitchen

- Mulberry & Vine

- Sweetgreen

Sit-down Spots (best for dinner)

- Double Zero (vegan speciality pizza & wine bar)

- Souen (macrobiotic)

- Seamore’s (American-style seafood with a Hampton’s vibe)

- Ruby’s Cafe (Australian)

- Divya’s Kitchen (Ayurvedic-based menu)

- ABCv (vegan tapas)

- Westville (something for everyone)

- Cherin Sushi (BYOB sushi)