Coffee-- Good or Bad?


So, What’s the verdict on COFFEE? ☕️ 

Y’all know I love my matcha (specifically the ginger turmeric matcha from Chacha Matcha). And with so many benefits including antioxidants, fiber, and increased energy without the blood sugar spike, why wouldn’t I drink it every day? Well I practically do. 

But we’re here to talk about coffee, and many of you ask whether I’ve traded it in for the green drink permanently. 

Coffee—Is it bad or good? Yes. 😑 

Do I drink coffee? Yes! 👌🏼 But not every day. Allow me to elaborate.

Coffee is not inherently bad for you, but is it when you have multiple cups per day and rely upon it for artificial energy. If you’re like me and simply enjoy the comfort and flavor of coffee, no harm in your morning cuppa. And by cuppa, I mean literally one cup… sorry to break it to you, but your grande or venti doesn’t count as one drink.

So where does coffee start to go south on our health? Below are 3 ways coffee can be harmful:

  1. When you add all the fixings - cut the sugar, artificial sweeteners, milks, creamers, whipped cream, all of that crap. If you need that in your coffee, evaluate why. Its not the taste of coffee you’re enjoying but the taste of SUGAR. 

  2. When you need it to function — if you’re a total zombie without coffee, you likely are either not getting enough sleep and/or you’re experiencing adrenal fatigue. Reaching for several cups of coffee will give you a false sense of energy while really sending your body into fight-or-flight, further burning out your adrenals and hindering your rested state (ie. even when you go to bed on time, you can’t sleep well.) 

  3. When you only have coffee for breakfast — talking largely to the fans of intermittent fasting here, but even those who have coffee before their breakfast should know it can inhibit nutrient intake. Coffee is acidic and dehydrating, meaning it creates a more harsh environment for your food to be digested in as well as making your body even more parched after 8+ hours of no water overnight. So if you ONLY have coffee for breakfast, you’re not only not replenishing your cells (hello early aging!), but you’re spiking cortisol in a fasted state, which tells the body to increase blood sugar. I repeat— you will increase blood sugar even though you haven’t had anything to eat. And it’s sure not getting that sugar from your fat cells (hint: it’s pulling from your muscle tissue). 

So to sum up, coffee does have it’s benefits, namely that it is comforting and tasty, contains fiber and gives you some energy— which is great, when you then physically use up that energy! But when you don’t, or use it to fuel a stressful situation, it pretty much just creates more stress. And then less energy. And then you drink more coffee. And then…

I hope I needn’t go on.

SO how can you have coffee in a healthy way? One cup (8oz), black, with cinnamon (controls blood sugar), and you may add a little dairy-free milk, stevia or half a teaspoon of raw honey.

If you rely on coffee to operate on normal levels throughout the day, I’d consider getting your adrenals checked, limiting stress (I have a free daily checklist for this!) and switching to my dear friend matcha :)

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