What I Eat In A (Somewhat Normal) Day

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is what I eat in a day. I honestly would have thought that with all the food pics I’ve posted on Insta you guys woulda been sick of me talking about that by now, but it’s only really stirred more conversation around it!

So here I am, at 3:41 on a Thursday, with a cup of ginger tea by side, chatting about what I consume within a “typical” 24 hour period.

The reason I have been somewhat hesitant to make one of these posts is 2-fold:

1) Because what I eat every day greatly varies and thus no day is really “normal” per se

2) What I eat is individualized and personal to MOI, me, myself and I, and the way I eat is based on years of being very in tune with my body and knowing how it reacts to certain foods.

I feel like there is an unhealthy obsession with knowing what other people eat and comparing our days on a plate to theirs, but what we forget is that we are in completely different places in our health journey than they are! Maybe someone is removing cauliflower from their diet because they have a food sensitivity— that doesn’t mean you should, too!

Same goes for the volume of food. There are people out there who have been plant-based raw vegan for years, and their body has built up the ability to digest and tolerate massive amounts of fiber. Meanwhile, if someone is trying to go plant-based for the first time and tries to eat an entire bag of kale at lunch with 2 potatoes and sunflower seeds and raw carrots and quinoa, you better bet your ass they’re gonna be bloated for the next 24 hours.

All this to say, I don’t put this out there to encourage everyone eat just like me. Rather, I hope to motivate you to take the time to understand your own body, what makes you feel good and what doesn’t, and to see that eating a healthy diet does not mean deprivation or having boring and bland foods.

In fact, I think what I eat is 100% more tasty than eating meats, dairy, and processed foods. But that’s also because my tastebuds have adapted to appreciate the actual flavors of foods, now that I’m not consuming things masked with high amounts of sugar and sodium. That creaming dressy you like from Whole Foods? Yea, check that label friend… I know it’s organic. And I don’t care.

On the topic of quantity, some days I eat a lot and some days its less. On average, I probably eat more (volume-wise) than most people eat in a typical day and that’s just another perk of going plant-based. One of the biggest mistakes I see people make when trying to go more plant-based is not eating enough. They try to cut out the meats and the dairy (heavy, filling foods) and try to swap it one-for-one with veggies. Doing that, OF COUUUURRSEEE you’re going to be hungry!! You have to pack in a greater volume of food in order to get that same level of satiation.

But the best part about going more plant-based is that you’re effectively tripling the nutritional content of your meals. You get to not only eat more, but the benefits of what you’re getting from those meals go so. much. farther!

But I digress— this is not a post about going plant-based (I’ll save that for another day). My point is that rather than focusing on the exact quantity of food I’m having, or how many calories or macros are in each meal, I eat each day by focusing on how I feel and what my body is telling me it needs, knowing that all the things entering my body are natural, wholesome, and beneficial for me. Some days that means more fruit, other days that means having seafood at lunch and dinner. Most days it means have several sweet potatoes. But all in all, it varies, and that is A-OKAY.

Alrighty, without further ado…


Breakfast: between 9am-11am
Usually: Blueberry Banana Green Smoothie(or bowl) or Oatmeal with berries & banana
Sometimes: Both (depending how hungry I am, if I’ll be particularly active that day, etc)

blueberry smoothie bowl
oatmeal with berries.png

Lunch: between 1pm-3pm
Usually: A large mixed veggie salad with hemp hearts/chickpeas, avocado/tahini/olive oil & lemon
Sometimes: Dates (10-15) or a few sweet potato toasts - I do this if I had a larger and later breakfast (see above “sometimes”) and know I will be having an earlier dinner around 6 or so

mixed greens with roasted veggies.png
sweet potato toasts

Dinner: between 6:30-8:00pm
Usually: something very similar to lunch, but will usually try to separate out the cooked veggies from the raw (eating raw first), or only have cooked.
Sometimes: a veggie-pasta bowl, sweet potato toasts - I do this if I had a larger and later lunch and am less hungry come dinner. However, sometimes I have a large late lunch and I still want a large dinner, so I do! I feel it out.

I don’t always have dessert, as I will eat as much dinner until I’m satisfied. Some nights if I do want a little something, I will have a few dates and/or a square of 80%+ dark chocolate. I always have some tea, and I love ginger tea, licorice tea, and pau d’arco tea at night!

veggie pasta
Roasted veggies.png