Take the HYE Road Masterclass - Map Out Your Future By Design

Take the HYE Road Masterclass - Map Out Your Future By Design


Dig deep on your Why, uncover your setbacks, and pave the road towards making massive shifts in your health, wealth, and wellbeing.

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Do you know your WHY?

You're probably wondering "why what?" 

But the key to creating goals that you can actually stick to and that will make long lasting change in your life is knowing your why even before you know your what.

Have I lost you yet? Allow me to elaborate.

There are 3 things to consider when creating intentions for yourself: whywhat, and how. 

Your what is the thing you want-- the weight loss, the health, the car, the job, the house, the person. Sometimes, we don't even know what we really want.

But you always have your why-- the reason you want that thing, person, or outcome. If you didn't have a why, you wouldn't want it in the first place!

Sounds simple right? And yet not knowing your why is the reason so many struggle with sticking to their goals, and why so many people ask things like...

"Meredith, how do I get myself motivated to do x, y, z?"
"Meredith, how do I make time for ingredient prep/wellness walks/mediation?"

Ultimately, it all comes down to your whyIf you don't have a powerful enough why, then you may want to reconsider your what. It could be a waste of time and energy if it's not something that will truly make your life better, and more meaningful.

When I left my job in corporate fashion, it wasn't an overnight decision. It took months of self-reflection, and ultimately determining that I didn't have a strong reason why I was working in the industry. This realization changed my life.

I was so busy focusing on doing a good job that I never stopped to ask myself why I was unhappy at the end of a long day, even when I had done well. I was working so hard, and didn't even know what for. My why wasn't there, so I didn't even know what I wanted.

Reflecting on my why lead me to realize that I needed to fulfill a longing to contribute to something greater than myself
. To bring others to the same place of enlightenment about health and wellness that I had grown to understand through my innate passion for it. 

Re-assessing my why is what revealed to me my purpose. 

And from that moment, my happiness was revived.

Now, I want YOU to have this same breakthrough.

If you're unsure of your why, you can forget about the what and how. You'll only lead yourself into frustration and dead ends. 

But I don't want it to take months for you. 

There's no need for that. Getting real on your why need only take a short amount of committed time to reflect, ask yourself the right questions, and get motivated.  

That's why I first created my Take the HYE Road Workbook, compiled with all the questions and exercises I went through to discover my why, my what and my how and to ultimately change my life for the better. 

"Take the HYE Road truly changed my life. I was stuck in a place and situation that didn't bring me true happiness. The prompts in the workbook made me realize what truly made me happy and how I could help others. Because of it, I have moved states, changed jobs; it helped me choose love over fear, and because of that, I'm truly happy."  - Katelyn

And since first launching the workbook, I’ve heard such incredible feedback just like this about how it has reframed people’s mindset, and got them to see that a better, more purpose driven life is truly not so hard to achieve.

For some people, the act alone of purchasing the workbook and printing it out put them on a totally new level of inspired.

Call it taking ~aligned action~

But I also know that it’s not always the easiest to take the time to print out a workbook, and commit an hour or so to completing the handwritten exercises without any guidance, especially when we have full time jobs and side hustles and families to take care of.

I toootally get that, BELIEVE YOU ME.

But when you’re in a shared space of connected inspiration, it’s a lot easier to tap into that higher self and really dig deep on what you want out of life. I know this because that’s what helped me.

This is why I am SO excited to invite you to this masterclass as an extension of the workbook.

This pre-recorded Take the HYE Road Masterclass will guide you through the workbook (in real time!) and give you the opportunity to ask even bigger questions to help you get the absolute most out of the exercises.

Whether you already have the workbook or just learned of it’s existence, this masterclass will reset your mindset, dig deep on your WHY and your setbacks, and pave the road towards making massive shifts in your wellbeing.
(And did I mention it’s for less than a week’s worth of coffee?)