How Quitting Intense Workouts Made Me Even Stronger


It’s been nearly a year since I’ve done any form of intense workout. From playing a sport every season in high school to working out in college to stay sane and sweat out the partying, intense workouts was all I really knew. Yoga was always a part of that lifestyle, but more as an accessory. I enjoyed it the most, but always thought a day of just yoga was like a reward for completing a hard HIIT workout the day before.

I told myself I was lazy if I went longer than 2 days without an exhausting workout, even though I physically wanted to resist doing them, and that in turn set me up for a negative relationship with exercise and my body in general. I wasn’t listening to what it needed and only listened to what I was told. 

But this year when I started coaching myself into greater health and a deeper connection to self, I stopped resisting. I leaned into the path of least resistance and only did movement my body craved. Yoga, @Pvolve, @Melissawoodhealth— all workouts that balance me out, create strength and definition without the cortisol spike, and that I genuinely love to do. This has made all the difference. My body is equally as fit, if not more so, and is made infinitely stronger by the connection I’ve formed with my mind. 

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