Soundbites from Wellth Collective Meetup



I had the wonderful chance to sit in the audience as a panel of four incredible, strong, smart female entrepreneurs in the wellness space gave their pearls of wisdom on life, health, dealing with perfection and competition, and much more. Like any good little student, I whipped out my notebook and wrote down the below soundbites. May they stick with you like they stuck with me!

This is a page straight out of my notebook. Unedited. In the raw.


- Be REAL; don't aim for perfection, it isn't relatable

- What makes you happy? How do you make that a part of what you do every day?

- Imagine you're a well; what will fill you up now? In this very moment?

- Be on your journey, not someone else's

- Ask for help, and don't be ashamed of that

- Meditate for clarity and energy

- You don't need to succeed right away, but you need try your best right away

- Get rid of toxic people; there is no place for them in your happiness and that's OK

- It is better to give and receive real love from a few people than fake love from a lot of people

- Be of service: get out of your own head and help a friend/others

- Forget what looks good. What feels good?

- Do right by your neighbor and they'll do right by you.

- A fit mind is the foundation for a fit body

- Find a mental tool that really works for you; if not meditation, find something else

- Read "The Secret"

- Take the attention off yourself and reflect it outward

- Be the same person you try to project [on social media]

- Inclusivity: bring the message to a place where it isn't yet heard; start young, where it really impacts, and include everyone in the conversation

- Champion others instead of being jealous of them; good for her, good for me, good for you, good for all of us!

- Use Thrive app to limit phone usage

- Love yourself, be yourself, and not anyone else because then that flawed ideal image is quite literally IMPOSSIBLE!


Crediting: Melissa Wood, Alexandra Bonetti, Amanda Kloots, Beth Cooke