On Confidence


I watched this girl, no more than 8 years old, doing front walkovers in the sand, like it was nothing. With the same sense of surety we have when doing a basic somersault. She was going to either do it, or fall, but she was going to be okay. And she was going to do it again. She was no gymnast. She was no child prodigy. Her movements did not suggest technical training. She just trusted herself. 


I think, as adults, somewhere down the line we have been conditioned to believe we can’t trust anyone. Not even ourselves. Everyone has a hidden agenda, and yet we aren’t sufficient on our own. We lose that sense of self, and when we find it in small moments, we call it “courage.” I like to call it a return to self. A return to that inner child who never doubts for a second she will be alright in the end. She will land that walkover, that cartwheel, that handstand. She will get that job, get that dream. She just has to do it.