007 // Stop Asking For Permission to Take Control of Your Health with Dr. Stephen Cabral

It is with IMMENSE joy that we welcome one of my greatest mentors at the moment, Dr. Stephen Cabral, to the podcast! You all get to witness my own first interaction with him, including my story of how I believe I manifested this interview before I even had the idea for a podcast.

Dr. Cabral is a wealth of knowledge and one of the most generous people I know, simply in terms of how much free health information he shares every single day on his own podcast, The Cabral Concept.

As a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor and founder of the Cabral Wellness Institute and StephenCabral.com, Dr. Cabral has not only helped over 250,000 people worldwide to rebalance and re-energize their body, but claims himself as his first and greatest client. After being diagnosed with a life-altering illness at 17 and given no hope for recovery, Stephen traveled all over the world and discovered how to combine ancient Ayurvedic healing practices with state-of-the-art Naturopathic & Functional Medicine to fully heal himself along with all who have since come to his online and Boston based practice. Through the use of Functional Medicine lab testing and Personalized Wellness Plans, Cabral and his team help people rebalance their mind and body to recover all forms of “dis-ease,” including auto-immune, thyroid, fatigue, hormone, weight gain, digestive, childhood, mood, skin, and dozens of other hard to treat health conditions.

His mission is to help people understand that there is always a reason why you have not achieved your ideal wellness or weight loss goals and that you can and will get well again!

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Episode HYElights:

  • Why you shouldn’t keep guessing, and just start testing

  • The case for functional medicine lab tests, and why annual blood work just isn’t enough

  • Why we need to stop asking for permission to take our health into our own hands

  • The difference between a functional medicine detox and your typical “cleanse”

  • How giving ourselves ultimatums is the root of self-sabotage

  • How the timeline should be less relevant than the end goal when it comes to our health

  • Why the liver is the secret window to your health

  • How to empty your “rain barrel”

  • How all forms of stress impact hormones

  • The impact of birth control

  • Why a clean diet and exercise will only take you so far

  • The importance of becoming “self aware” and finding your authentic self to be truly happy

  • And literally SO much more! You’ll just have to listen :)

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