008 // Breakfast Smoothies, Breathing, and Finding Your Inner Being

This episode touches on a lil of everything, and gets to the root of what “holistic health” truly entails— the bigger picture. I totally sat down fully intending to record an episode on candida and CBO, but the message that spilled out of me after hitting ‘record’ was far different. Instead, we talk about how smoothies are even better than fasting, how your hobbies can help you get a promotion (or whatever your goals are), and why you must look beyond food for what nourishes your life. Enjoy!

Episode HYElights:

  • Why having a breakfast smoothie is a GAME.CHANGER.

  • How to be more mindful during the day to improve your sleep at night

  • What I learned from a weekend intensive yoga workshop (that has nothing to do with yoga)

  • Your circle of life, and the difference between “primary food” and “secondary food”

  • What you need to address in your life in order to truly be happy

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Institute of Integrative Nutrition

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