011 // Self-Imposed Stress, Self Sabotage, and Why Choosing The Easy Option Isn't a Sign of Weakness

We’re often told to challenge ourselves, to continually push ourselves past our comfort zone, to try again, and be okay with failing the first few times. And while challenging your abilities is no doubt on the path to growth, so too it can end up challenging and belittling our confidence. We can’t forget what we know and do best. There is still strength in choosing to do what you know you’re good at, and embracing those talents for what they are—gifts. 

Join me on a Wellness Walk-n-Talk for today’s show! Recorded outside, on a walk, you’ll be getting a full sensory experience of being on a stroll with me in NYC— birds, breeze, sirens and construction noise and all.

Episode HYElights:

  • I little anecdote from my yoga class this week

  • Where self-sabotage truly stems from, and how to avoid it

  • How we are programmed to crave difficulty, and why we need to shift away from that mindset

  • I passed a really cute puppy on the walk, you should’ve seen it

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