012 // The Cleansing Arts: Cryotherapy, Saunas, and Colonics with Mike Perrine

Michael Perrine is a colon hydrotherapist and founder of Vitality NYC. By nature, he happens to be a detoxing pro and is my go-to guy for all things relating to infrared sauna, cryotherapy, colonics— the “cleansing arts,” as he so eloquently refers to them. If you’re curious about how to start incorporating detoxing rituals into your routine, from daily practices to seasonal, this is the show for you!

Episode Hyelights:

  • The first steps to detoxing if you’re a total beginner

  • The best daily cleansing rituals to get into

  • The benefits of cold immersion, from cold showers to cryotherapy

  • The difference between white fat and brown fat

  • Detoxing daily through eating a plant-based diet

  • The basics of colonics

  • Regularity, transit time, and what’s considered “normal” when it comes to BMs

  • How most people don’t go to the bathroom correctly

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