015 // The Secret to Habit Formation

There is all this talk about the importance of routines and creating healthy habits, and we have such an interest in learning about other people’s routines. But have you stopped to think about why? What is the point of having a routine? Why do we want things to become habit? The immediate answer is simple: we do things repeatedly so that it eventually becomes something we just do, so that it becomes effortless— right? I argue that it’s not about the level of effort, but the intention behind the action that creates habits and determines their value in our life.

Episode HYElights:

  • Understanding the true purpose of creating “habits” and “routines”

  • Why we shouldn’t strive for “effortlessness” when it comes to our healthy actions

  • How healthy habits can easily become unhealthy

  • Why its OK to change your habits that no longer serve you

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