016 // My Hormone Story: Restriction, Birth Control & Hypothalamic Amenorrhea

Let’s just say, today’s episode is pretty personal. While it seems the topic of hormones and birth control is all the rage these days, I haven’t previously shared too much about my story because I didn’t want to just add to the noise without making any effective contribution. Only now, from the research and studies I’ve done and the lengths I’ve gone through to get a better understanding of my own body, do I feel that I can’t share my story and experiences in an impactful way. I hope that, if nothing else, that this episode brings comfort to those going through anything similar in knowing they are not alone, and that your body is never messing up!

Episode HYElights:

  • My story of restriction and how it was the perfect storm for my hypothalamic amenorrhea

  • How going on the pill at age 15 basically cut short my puberty (and how my body is trying to catch up now!)

  • My experience going off the pill, and how I handled the acne situation

  • How running functional medicine labs showed me deeper insights to my path to recovery

  • How stress is EVERYTHING, and can be coming from everywhere!

  • What I am doing now to get my period back, and why I KNOW it will— and yours will, too!

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