018 // Gone Traveling: Leaving the 9-5 Behind, Working Remote, and Living Life to the Fullest

Ever dream of traveling the world on nobody’s agenda but your own? Seeing and experiencing different cultures, meeting up with friends and loved ones in exotic places, trying new foods and discovering all you can about this incredible world? Samesies.

And I used to believe this could only ever remain a dream. But then, after lots of thought and reflection, I realized that it was only those limiting beliefs that were holding me back, and that I didn’t have to abide by the standards of corporate America in order to be successful and happy. In fact, it was that very 9-5 grind life that was keeping me from tapping into my full potential, following my passion, and ultimately creating my own success and happiness.

So? I left. And I don’t know exactly where or for how long, but I couldn’t be more sure about this being the best decision of my life.

Episode HYElights:

  • Why I left New York City to travel indefinitely

  • How I decided I was ready to leave the 9-5 corporate world

  • I don’t have it all figured out, and that’s exactly the way I like it

  • My travel plans (and lack thereof!)

  • What to expect from The HYE Life gone nomad!

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