019 // The Biochemistry of Going Plant-based with Nadja Pinnavaia, Founder of Plantable

Nadja Pinnavaia is the founder of Plantable , a whole foods, plant-based meal service that offers so much more than simply shipping delicious food to your doorstep (although it certainly does that!). After her mother-in-law was diagnosed with cancer and began treatment, Nadja took it upon herself to research what truly creates total body health and to find that “silver bullet” to not only help cancer recovery, but to help others fend against it and create greater health and longevity. With a background in biochemistry and personal experience with shifting to a plant-based diet, Nadja created Plantable as a meal service rooted in just that— service and support, offering others a gateway for a happier, healthier way of living while loving every bite! 

Episode HYElights:

  • The greatest impact that a plant-based diet had on her life

  • How her background in biochemistry has influenced her understanding of how we form relationships with food

  • How Plantable came to be, and how it is helping people reverse diabetes and get off lifelong medication

  • How addiction to processed food is not unlike addiction to alcohol or cigarettes

  • How to regulate your hormonal response to food to better balance your blood sugar

  • How to shift into a more plant-based lifestyle, and how Plantable will set you up for success in that transition

  • What to look for when checking food labels

  • How to prevent “falling off the wagon,” or better yet, get rid of the wagon!

  • How to implement the Plantable way in your own kitchen

  • So much more!

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