020 // Major Life Changes, Overcoming Limiting Beliefs + Opening Yourself Up to the Universe with Sharon Quinn

My dear friend and college classmate Sharon appears on the show today as a beautiful example of someone learning to be open to receiving miracles, not only by embracing major life changes but by seeing the beauty in the more minor moments, as well.

When her relationship pulled her out of the life she knew at a corporate fashion job in the city and brought her to a rural beach town, Sharon went through a major identity shift. By taking the time to reflect on her desires and go through the Take the HYE Road Masterclass, she’s been able to recognize her own limiting beliefs and begin creating the life she’s truly wanted after realizing she was the only one holding herself back.

Episode HYElights:

  • Adjusting to life in unfamiliar places

  • Calling out limiting beliefs around what we “deserve” or are “worthy of”

  • How to overcome barriers to what we really want

  • How to live a full life without regrets

  • How opening yourself up to the universe will present opportunities you could never predict

  • How to recognize and receive miracles every single day

  • Shifting out of the scarcity mindset and allowing yourself to be abundant

  • Seeing the miracles in seemingly negative situations

  • Why you don’t yet have what you want, whether it’s health, weight loss, a relationship, a career, etc. and how to actually get it and keep it

  • Why who you surround yourself with is so, SOO important and how to identify the right people

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