021 // Looking for Satisfaction in All the Wrong Places

I thought I craved the stability of a salaried income... but then I discovered that the happiness and joy I’ve received from turning my passion into my purpose, combined with the relationships, community, and opportunities that I’ve had as a result of that, has given me more stability and abundance than I could’ve ever asked for— and in a fraction of the time. All I had to do was stop resisting.

All of this, plus a few life updates, adventures and more on this latest HYE episode! 🎧 ✨

Episode HYElights:

  • What I’ve been up to & where I’ve been since I left NYC

  • Keeping grounded during times of travel and change

  • How I’ve been able to make this leap of faith, away from stability, without worry and only joy

  • How to open up to abundance from unknown places

  • How you could be holding yourself back from what you want, whether money/relationships/a car, etc

  • How stability is a belief, and things are only as stable as you believe them to be

  • How to bring more joy to your life with only a few simple questions

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