022 // Turning Darkness Into Light: ED Recovery with Jana Ruthberg aka @NamasteSweet

Me, replying to Jana’s IG story: “Brownies must be good for your skin— you flawless”

Jana: “Maybe it’s brownies, maybe its Maybelline.”

Me: “I think we’d be friends.”

And thus commenced a year long (and counting) friendship, virtually bonding over a love of almond butter, dates, and yoga. You may know Jana Ruthberg as @NamasteSweet, her instagram alias where she loves sharing drool-worthy food and yoga stories whilst studying law at UVA (which, if we didn’t already have enough in common, just so happens to be my alma mater). What you may not know is how her well-adored foodie account came to be. After going through a traumatic time that left her in painful bouts of IBS, Jana’s struggle to eat anything that didn’t upset her stomach spiraled into a type of eating disorder that isn’t commonly acknowledged, or supported. I asked Jana to come on the show and share her story of recovery, and how she ultimately turned her source of darkness into a source of light.

Episode HYElights:

  • How her foodie instagram account @namastesweet came to be— and maybe even saved her life

  • Her journey recovering from a stress-induced eating disorder

  • How the assumption that EDs are based on physical appearance is isolating and ignoring many who are suffering

  • Her greatest tools for recovering, managing stress and dealing with the emotional side of things

  • Why getting involved in something outside of yourself is so important

  • How to keep a positive relationship with social media

...and more!

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