025 // The Medicinal Powers of Tea + Building a 7-Figure Business from Home with Adi Arezzini

 Teami Blends is a lifestyle brand that is dedicated to improving the health of their customers by the use of wellness and skincare products inspired from tea! After serving as a fitness instructor in the Israeli Defense Force, Teami Founder + CEO, Adi Arezzini, developed various digestive issues from the poor nutrition served at the base. After returning home, she dug deep into the gut health landscape, and became her own scientist of tea-based remedies. After restoring her health with various teas found in her mother’s garden, Arezzini went on to help several friends and family recover from their ailments, as well. Seeing the business potential in her tea elixirs, Arezzini set to work to build a multi-million dollar brand to help others regain balance and health through the power of tea.

Episode HYElights:

  • What it was like to serve as a combat trainer at age 19

  • How Adi discovered the magic of tea for gut health, and began blending them right at home

  • How she managed to start and grow a multi-million dollar business from her mother’s home

  • The things she has found surprisingly easy— and surprisingly difficult!— about creating a business from scratch

  • Her top 3 tips for entrepreneurs looking to market their brand/product in today’s social media environment

  • What it’s like to give up total control, have faith, and manage a team of 60+ employees

  • Infusing the benefits of tea into skincare and beyond!

    …and more!

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