026 // Staying Open to Spontaneity, Keeping Your Control In-Check + Acting "As If"

“Having too much structure would not have allowed me to create new experiences based off of experiences I couldn’t have known that I would have”

This show includes a little of everything: a little life & travel update, a few travel and budgeting tips, some manifestation talk, a few random tangents… just HYE vibes all around! The perfect way to vibe into your weekend or week ahead xx

Episode HYElights:

  • Why I love overcast days

  • Riding in cars and living with strangers

  • Why I worked in a garden for a week

  • How to reinvigorate your day-to-day

  • How to travel on a budget without sacrificing all your comforts

  • How to guarantee a well-rounded experience when traveling

  • How to welcome in spontaneity into your life

  • Why it’s important to keep your control “in-check”

  • The importance of staying open to ways of receiving your desires

  • Acting “as if,” and why presence is more important than patience

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