027 // Conscious Beauty & Building a Brand That Reflects Who You Are with Divya Gugnani

As a serial entrepreneur and mother of two, it’s safe to say that Divya Gugnani leads a crazy hectic lifestyle— which is exactly why she needed a beauty routine that was crazy simple. As the co-founder of Wander Beauty, a brand built on the principle that “less is more,” Divya and her business partner, supermodel Lindsey Ellingson, bonded over their need for a beauty routine that was as on-the-go as they were, and set out to create fewer, better beauty essentials. We discuss not only what goes into building a thriving beauty brand, but the importance of understanding how one’s business is a reflection of who they are. Divya shares how both motherhood and her personal health journey with autoimmune imbalances has made her a more conscious consumer and creator, from what she puts into her body to the products she puts on it, and all the lifestyle factors in between.

Episode HYElights:

  • Divya’s story leading up to Wander Beauty, and how her life has changed since

  • How to apply the principle of “minimum effort for maximum results” when it comes to skincare and lifestyle

  • Her personal health story and journey into going more plant-based

  • Divya's skincare essentials, and her surprising skincare secret weapon!

  • The ingredients to look out for in your skincare products

  • Divya’s “on/off” rule and why doing everything at once does not make you more efficient

  • How to create a routine that spices up your life

  • How your brand is a reflection of your beliefs, and vice versa

… and more!

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