028 // "What I Manifest In a Day" - An Everyday Example of Applying Intuition and Universal Guidance

With this new wave of manifestation and spirituality on the rise (which is amazing), phrases like “listen to your intuition” and “let the universe guide you” get tossed around a lot but aren’t so readily explained. What does this even mean, and how do you do that all day every day?

Lean in, friends, because this short, sweet yet powerful episode recaps a day in the life of listening to my intuition and following universal guidance to manifest a reality that is beyond my conscious desires. The best part is, this was an extraordinarily ordinary day, as in, these moments and sequences of events are happening all. the. time. to me, to you, to everyone! And it’s only a matter of knowing how to tune into them to allow them to change your life.

*Note, this episode was recorded several days ago so if you hear me talking about being in Paris, that’s why!

Episode HYElights:

  • An average day of manifesting beyond my conscious desires

  • What it feels like to trust your gut, even when it doesn’t make sense

  • How to stop viewing things as positive or negative

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