029 // How to Create an Epic Plate with Celebrity Chef Dan Churchill

“Cooking is not what a chef does, it’s what you’re able to do in a convenient and accessible way with your resources.”

From writing his first book in his boardshorts on the shores of Sydney to owning a restaurant in NYC, Dan Churchill is not your average chef. In fact, he calls himself a “creative,” and there’s no argument there! With a background in exercise science and strength and conditioning, he noticed a huge disconnect between what nutritional guidelines were being given and how people were actually taught (or not taught) to apply them in the kitchen— enter Dan. After writing Dude Food, which helped him to build a personal brand overseas, he became internationally recognized for his holistic and refreshingly simplistic approach to healthy (insanely delicious) cooking. Now, as the founder of Charley Street, a Soho-based healthy food hot spot and personal favorite of mine, Dan continues to exercise his creative spirit in the kitchen and beyond, venturing into the world of podcasting and multimedia projects, from ebooks to TV hosting, to help spread his approach.

Episode HYElights:

  • Where his passion for holistic cooking originated and how he created his personal brand

  • The differences between Australia and America when it comes to the wellness community

  • Dan’s food philosophy, “built around color not calories” and how it all comes down to our biological response to food

  • The only 3 things you need to consider when building a well-balanced plate

  • How he hopes to empower people to be more confident and creative in the kitchen

  • What the colors of food say about their flavor and nutrient profile

  • Top 3 tips to shift toward a healthier dietary lifestyle

  • How to cook for maximum results with minimal effort

  • A typical day in his life as a celebrity chef, creative and entrepreneur

  • How to keep a healthy balance between creation and relaxation, work and relationships

  • The biggest misconception around “food as fuel” (and this was SO interesting!)

  • The only things that matter when it comes to proper nutrition for athletes and training

  • The things and people he contributes to his success

… and more!

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