030 // Stopping Negative Momentum + Raising Your Vibe

First you wake up after a poor night’s sleep, then stub your toe on the way to the bathroom, then spill coffee on your new top, then every little thing about your coworker starts to piss you off, the guy you’re seeing didn’t text you “good morning” (‘what an asshole, so dumping his ass’) and on and on and on… notice how one little negative thing starts a snowball effect and suddenly you’re feeling frustrated, annoyed and anxious about things that have nothing to do with it, but they get swept up in the negative momentum as collateral.

Momentum is a powerful concept (thank you, high school physics!) and anything that holds power can be used to create or destroy. Stopping negative momentum in its tracks is quite simple, but takes practice and above all it takes awareness. It’s then only a matter of shifting that momentum in the other direction to raise your vibe and use that power for good. It also takes letting go of the specifics of the negative thought and going general. What do I mean by that? So glad you asked ;) Let’s dive in!

Episode HYElights:

  • How your vibe (the energy you give off) effects your physical energy levels

  • How to stop negative thought patterns before they become a pattern

  • The energy scale and how to shift from the negative end to the positive end

  • Why the key to improving your vibe is to release specificities and go GENERAL

  • The power of getting into a “flow” state, and the duality of self love v. detachment of the self

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