031 // Disconnect to Reconnect to Your Intuitive Self with Energy Healer Joy Dushey

Joy Dushey is a gentle, nurturing force to be reckoned with. After having a stroke at just 29, Joy embarked on a personal healing journey that would change her life and career forever.  Now, as an intuitive energy healer based in NYC, Joy has developed her own two-tier system, aptly named The Joyful Approach, which employs various modalities, from breathwork to reiki and soundbaths, to help her clients heal the spiritual body from within, and ultimately the physical body from without. Joy’s story is as unique as your own, but it’s what she has been able to build with her story that creates a ripple effect and changes the stories of others. Her zen vibes alone are enough to spark a day full of self love and, well, joy :)

Episode HYElights:

  • Joy’s personal story of recovery and transformation after having a stroke at 29

  • How she listened to what she calls her “divine spark” to guide her

  • Magic of synchronicities

  • What it’s like to work with a shaman

  • Why we need to disconnect in order to reconnect

  • How she developed the 2-tiered “Joyful Approach” life system

  • How to embrace more yin and awaken to your inner divine feminine energy

  • The most common issues she sees in her practice

  • How to protect your energy

  • Why it’s important that even coaches and healers have their own coaches and healers

  • Her refreshing perspective on rituals and routines

  • Her own morning ritual

  • What’s to come from the Joyful Approach and how to get in on the magic!

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