032 // The Simple Truths for Optimizing Gut Health with Dr. Will Bulsiewicz

Dr. Will Bulsiewicz, MD, aka Dr. B aka @theguthealthmd, is a Charleston-based gastroenterologist with a whole lot to share about the bacteria living in our gut and how to cultivate a happy, healthy microbiome. There’s no question that gut health is ev-er-y-where nowadays, from your social media news feeds to online news articles, blogs, books and grocery stores. And while awareness is a step in the right direction, it can be tricky to filter through all that information and know what’s actually trustworthy.

Sometimes complex topics have truly simple solutions. Dr. B takes us through the issues and solutions surrounding gut health, and the shockingly simple solution behind what it takes to heal. What I love about Dr. B is not only his no-frills, holistic approach to health (a rare thing in western medical practices), but how he is able to take such complex topics as the gut and really break them down to help us understand exactly what we need to know— no sugar-coating added.

Episode HYElights:

  • His journey through training and medical school and what drew him to gastroenterology

  • How the evolution of global access to information has changed the healthcare philosophy, and where he hopes it will continue to shift

  • The biggest misunderstandings around gut health that are circulating the web today

  • What creates an optimal gut microbiome and how it is the starting point for all health

  • What is gut dysbiosis and how things get out of whack in the first place

  • The importance of plant diversity in the diet, and how to properly shift to a plantbased lifestyle without wreaking havoc on your gut

  • Why “the people who need this diet the most are those who are going to struggle the most to transition” (this is GOLD)

  • The truth behind any kind of restriction diet (ahem— low FODMAP) and why you can’t rely on short term benefits to produce long term gains

  • The difference between healing diets in the short term and long term (and this is KEY!)

  • How to eat for lifelong optimal gut health, and thus optimal overall health

  • The role of supplements vs. lifestyle when it comes to healing the gut

  • Why we should be paying more attention to PREbiotics

  • The very first thing to look for when healing your gut and going more plantbased (you could be struggling with this and not know it!)

  • Where animal products fit in with all of this

  • Looking at lifestyle v. genetics in the development of disease

  • Why we should aim for progress, not perfection and the harmful effects of fixation and hypervigilence around our health and nutrition

  • The importance of being able to “look at the layers” of information we take in to guide our lifestyle choices, from scientific research studies to social media

And this is honestly just scratching the surface!

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