033 // Is ‘Authenticity’ Even Real?

We all speak pretty confidently about ourselves when we describe what we do for our job, what role we play within our family, who we are with friends— but are all these “selves” really the same person? What about when we have an off day, and we say we “aren’t our best selves today.” Who, then, is our best self? Are they more or less authentic than our worst self? Who is our authentic self? Does such a thing even exist?

In a slightly different kind of episode (which I recorded a week or so prior to it going live), I take a philosophical deep dive on these ideas as I’ve been inspired by travels and trying to understand this about myself, as well by several books I’ve read lately (linked below!)

Episode HYElights:

  • What does “home” mean for you, and how does it shift during different phases of your life? Does a single home really exist?

  • Does having multi-personalities mean that you lack a core self?

  • What really is the authentic self?

  • Can you ever really be authentic around others and yourself?

  • The link between identity and habit formation, start telling yourself a new story

  • The power of being alone and forming an internal connection and a sense of self

  • Ways to step into your truest self and to find your mechanisms of self expression


xx MW

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