Taking Time For Yourself


Treat yourself. Indulge yourself. Heal yourself. Honor yourself. Whatever you call it, I am the biggest proponent of taking time for yourself, and doing what makes you feel refreshed, lively, confident, and calm. 

This can be anything from getting a massage or pedicure, to getting a colonic or other form of cleanse, to reading a book cover to cover or taking a long walk with your dog, cell phone-free. Whatever allows you to get in your headspace while doing something good for your physical body is a form of treating yourself to what you not only deserve as a hardworking human, but what you need. 

Try to prioritize this time in your schedule, once a month then maybe once a week, until it becomes routine. Prioritizing yourself will only allow you to come back to the other important things in your life, such as career and relationships, with a better, clearer perspective!