3 Natural Ways to Kick Your Cold


I’ll admit I’m one of those people who takes pride in the fact that they rarely get sick. This is a huge accomplishment for me, as I have (or at least had) a weakened immune system growing up, starting with jaundice, HSP, and other autoimmune issues. But now I rarely ever feel worse than the occasional cold, and even then I am usually able to kick it before it gets bad.

And that’s ultimately what being healthy is all about. It’s not about never ever getting sick, it’s about being able to bounce back. It’s about being resilient. Are you sensing this as a greater metaphor for life in general? Cuz I am (and maybe I hear a podcast episode coming along ;P)

It’s not about ignoring your symptoms, or your off days, its about being able to recognize them, call them out for what they are, and adapt. Take action, whether its mentally, physically, or a bit of both. For the sake of today’s topic, and the assumption that a number of you are getting hit with a few sniffly aches & pains this season, I wanted to share with you the simple natural remedies that have helped me stop my oncoming colds in their tracks, so I’m never fully out of commission.

Sleep, friends. It is a beautiful thing, and your body needs it most when you’re run down. I even like to think of it in reverse— rather than saying “I’m sick, I need to sleep more,” consider your body saying “I need to sleep more, which is why I’m sick.” Physical illness is just a manifestation of energy loss, so with that in mind, make sure to get your Zzz’s in there, and leave your cell phone out of the picture.

2) Zinc
If there was ever a time to up your zinc intake, it would be now. Zinc is a vital mineral that is known for boosting immunity, among other benefits like reduced risk for chronic and inflammatory dis-ease, pneumonia, and even ADD! However, many people are actually deficient in zinc, as it is largely available in foods like meats, fish, eggs, poultry, dairy, and grains— foods that aren’t great for most of us. Luckily zinc can also can be found in legumes, beans, nuts and seeds, but again we aren’t eating these all day everyday. I’ve found zinc lozenges to be extremely effective when I feel cold symptoms creeping up, but any form of zinc supplement will suffice!

3) Ginger, Turmeric and ACV Tea
We all know that boosting our liquid intake when we’re ill is essential, not only to keep the body hydrated but also to give our digestion a rest and allow that energy to focus on fighting infection. Drinking more liquids, whether it be water, tea or broths will keep you full for longer, so you’re not constantly needing to eat while trying to get over a cold. I’ve found that a hot tonic of ginger, turmeric, apple cider vinegar and hot water is incredible at kicking a cold, as well as super tasty! You can either juice your own fresh ginger and turmeric root, or use them in powdered form. Play with the ratios of each as you like/can tolerate, and sip as often as you like.

What are some of your cold season go-to remedies?

Meredith WadsworthComment