Why You Should Spring Clean Your Life


Now that it’s officially Spring in NYC, it’s safe to say it’s Spring everywhere— no? I feel like this city is the straggler, so once it finally turns we are all in the clear.



And with this season comes the routine of spring cleaning. It’s time to go through our closets and our home, discovering things that have been forgotten and neglected over the past year, and deciding whether or not they still fit our lifestyle. Flare leg jeans? KEEP (they’re coming back, I tell you). A Playbill from The Book of Mormon that I went to with an ex? Not so much.


Spring cleaning our home can be daunting enough, but because I know you can handle it, I’m going to up the ante a bit. I encourage you to dig deeper this year, to take a cold, hard look in the mirror, and spring clean your self.



The reason spring cleaning can be so difficult is because it means stopping and deciding whether something you’ve had in your life still resonates with you. It means having to part with things that once served you a purpose, or held an emotional tie, but now only serve as clutter.


By why stop at our wardrobes? Just as our personal style changes over time, so does our persona. I am not the same person I was even a year ago, and I’ll bet a pretty penny that the same goes for you. So why hold on to the parts of your life that no longer resonate with you?


Whether it’s the city you’ve lived in, the home you’ve created, the job you’ve had for years, the people you surround yourself, or a combination of these parts, I encourage you to take this time to re-evaluate. To check in with yourself, and truly ask yourself, “does this person/place/thing make me happy?”


And this can be very emotional. It often means parting ways with something that has defined us for so long; we are scared to discover who we are without it. But what I can tell you with absolute conviction, is that if said person/place/thing no longer contributes to your quality of life, then you will be better off. Holding on to it will just create clutter in your life—taking up space and time that could be better spent finding what truly makes you happy. 


Easier said than done, I know. But after having moved apartments, ended a relationship, and changed my career all in the same 2-month time span, I can tell you it’s doable. And I’m a happier, kinder, more passionate version of myself rather than a shell of my past.