Your Wealth Is Not For You


I used to believe that I had to wait until I was older, wiser, wealthier in order to give and help others. I needed to be successful before I could contribute, at least monetarily, to a cause other than my own happiness. But that was backward thinking.

If I were to keep telling myself that I was incapable of spreading light and love, then I would be, in fact, holding myself back from my life’s purpose, and ultimately my own happiness. Rather, by giving now, at a time where I have not necessarily felt that I am stable enough in my own wealth and wellth to put the concerns of others before my own, I will be giving what I know I can expect in return. We can only receive what we give to others; by sharing, we make room for more.

It was the book I just finished, mere moments ago, that brought me to this level of clarity. And so in that same stream of consciousness, fearing that my ego might creep in before I had a chance to act upon it, I donated. It was a book that shared this knowledge with me, and so I chose to give to a library, an amount more than I would have been comfortable with only an hour ago.

I don’t ask for praise for my charity, that is not why I write this. This is coming purely from a state of mind that our purpose here is to continue to share what has been given to us, and that our ultimate happiness comes not from keeping it to ourselves but from releasing it back to the world.

Your wealth—of finances, of knowledge, of love— is not yours to keep.