The Power of Non-Zero Days & How To Be More Productive

Non-Zero Days

  Non-zero days; the term is more complex than the concept itself. In essence, a non-zero day means doing, at bare minimum, more than nothing towards your goals (aka your happiness) every day. To clarify, “non-zero” is emphasized because even doing the smallest, teensiest, 0.1% effort means it was something. And our goals are only ever accomplished by doing something about them. The only way we will never succeed is if we allow day after day to go by of taking zero action.

         So even on days where we feel sub-par, not our best, not motivated, maybe a little PMS-y, just remember that even the smallest action in the direction of your desires makes it a non-zero day; a day of accomplishment.

         If your aim is to write a book, don’t necessarily give yourself the daunting task of having to write 15 pages a day; if you can do that most days, that’s amazing! But on a day where you hit writer’s block, just write a sentence; if you can’t write a sentence, swap one word for something more sophisticated; brainstorm the cover, or at least what color you want the font to be; do something.

         If you desire to improve your health, but you’re feeling too tired to make it to your bi-weekly boxing class, simply take 5 mins to stretch; make yourself tea instead of that glass of wine; read a book in bed instead of watching TV, or if you do watch TV, do 5 sit-ups! If you can’t do 5, do just 1; do something.

         By making every day a non-zero day, then not a day goes by where you haven’t made progress towards greater happiness. Productivity becomes a habit. Even days where you feel like you’ve done more harm than good, at least you did something good.  And over time, by honoring ourselves for the little good things, we learn to not be so hard on ourselves for the bad things. Falling off the wagon becomes a thing of the past, and our abundant futures arrive must faster than you’d think.