How to Welcome More Good + Excitement Into Your Life

Today I met a kind stranger who asked me, in broken yet determined English, what makes me excited. I had to pause for a second and think about it. I didn’t have a solid answer, and I was taken aback by my own hesitation at such a simple question. But as I searched for words, I started to smile. 

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Because it wasn’t that nothing excited me— everything excited me! New experiences, new places, meeting people and having those instantaneous indescribable connections; revisiting places I’ve already been that I know feel like home, reconnecting with those who already have a piece of my heart; resonating with the truths that you’re hearing put to words for the first time but that you’ve known, deep down, to be true all your life; waking up and having zero idea of what’s going to happen today that could change your life. What could be more exciting than that?!

But I didn’t always view things this way. Had he asked me that question just a few months ago. I likely would’ve answered that all my excitement rested in material things or the future— clothes, food, impending travel, a future home, falling in love. All those things still excite me, but what excites me even more is the now. Literally, every single moment. Why? Because I expect it. I expect good and exciting things to happen every day.

You see, when you only expect good things, it’s not like magically only good things happen and all bad things vanish from your life. Rather, you start to see the good in every thing. You see the potential in each and every moment, every person, every place you go. 

I think that’s why I’m good at traveling alone so much. Because it’s true that it’s not easy to do a lot of adventurous and traditionally “exciting” things on your own, like skydiving or waterskiing or wine tasting or even sightseeing. Those are experiences better shared with others. 

But some of my most exciting and memorable days have been those where I’ve truly not done much or gone very far, but was totally enthralled by the idea of where I was and the potential each moment held. Going and sitting in a park in Paris, walking along a dirt road in the Italian countryside, perusing a grocery store…

Yep. Just today, I met said kind stranger in a grocery store just before a yoga class. Did I know we would connect beyond a mutual interest in food, or that he would ask me a question that would inspire this blog post? Of course not. I was also running late, but rather than be annoyed by his attempt at conversation, I was open to learning something good from our encounter. 

And what an exciting 60-second conversation that was!

I often get asked for tips and tricks on manifestation, and there are definitely quite a few (journaling, meditation, and daily mantras are a good starting point). But what it all boils down to isn’t a learned skill, but a learned outlook. 

When you expect good things, when you choose to see the good in every thing, and you are consistently vibrating at that level, others pick up on that. Doors start to open. The momentum picks up, and every day life becomes one titillating experience after another. 

When you choose to see every moment as unique and special, you don’t need a lot to excite you. Life itself is all the excitement you need.