Life is like a Bowl of Guac


Life is like a bowl of guac. Or a jar of peanut butter. Or a birthday cake.

As kids, we would use our hands, or go in face first, not a care or worry in the world what others might think, what germs we could spread, how much we were “allowed” to have.

Then we are taught that we have to restrain ourselves; We must follow fabricated manners, we must abide by the etiquette of society so as to not offend anyone or seem too unruly, too uninhibited, too carefree, too happy. So we sit with our bowl of guac in front of us, unable to enjoy it because of someone else’s rules.

Then we are handed a fork, or a spoon, or a cracker or some other utensil, and we begin to enjoy it, bite by bite, under the approval of others watching. But always with caution. Not to have too much, not to double dip, not to break the rules.

But what if we took a hint from our childhood? What if we took the bowl or jar out of the kitchen, where it’s “supposed” to be, and enjoyed it on our own, outside in the sun, away from other people’s judgements, and just dove right in?

Sure, it would be messy. But it would be damn delicious, and a whole lot more fun.


All this is to say, that all these spirituality tools...

Crystals, candles, sound bowls, incense, sage, essential oils, etc

While there can surely be proven some level of scientific evidence of their energetic components,

in truth, they are mostly a vehicle for your faith, your belief, your desire to believe.

They are the chip to your guac. They help you get to the good stuff. That’s great! But what if you didn’t even need the chip? 

You see, everything is only as certain, as stable as you believe it to be.

The security of a paycheck, the healing powers of meditation, the cleansing powers of sage, the faith in your happiness, or lack thereof.

The universe holds no bias. It answers to your beliefs, and your beliefs are sustained thoughts. If you believe a salaried job is more stable than working for yourself, it will be. If you believe you will never get well, you won’t. If you believe you can be happy and healthy and successful by following your light and shedding the dark, you will be.

Nothing holds any power if you don’t give it attention. You are the universal power source, the universal remote. You get to change the channel, the volume, the clarity, at will. Play only your favorites, and just see where that takes you ✨