Have You Met The 3 You’s?


Some of you may be thinking “I know myself probably too well at this point,” while others are scared to even ponder who they really are.

Regardless, I think this idea will help you to honor yourself every day in a new light.

Have you heard of the 3 You’s? I came across this concept, if you will, on this reddit post a few years ago.

Now I never (like ever) was a reddit person, so I have to say it was purely the universe at play to have this stumble in front of my eyes.

The post was the same one that introduced me to Non-Zero Days, and both have stuck with me ever since.

The idea is that there is the past You, the present You and the future You.

The present You must be grateful for the past You. You cannot dwell on the things your younger, naive self has done (even if it was yesterday). Forgive, and be grateful.

Get 10k steps in yesterday? Thanks younger me! Choose a hearty veggie soup over the pizza? Killing it, past babe!

Then there is the future You that you must treat as your best friend. You always have her back, and are always looking out for her best interest.

When she is sad, you want to take her out or treat her to a spa day and cheer her up. When she has a major win, you want to celebrate.

You’d treat her with respect, love, and open arms. So do her a solid, and make your choices today with the intent of doing future You a favor.

Gonna be a crazy week at work? Get her some fresh groceries so she can be prepared. Make her a smoothie so she can have lots of energy and feel refreshed for her day.

Draw her a bath so she can unwind and sleep more soundly. There’s nothing worse than when your bestie is a cranky, sleep-deprived b-witch who takes it out on other people.

As human beings, our purpose in life is to serve others. Naturally, we have a hard time serving ourselves with the same care, respect and attention.

So think of this as playing a little trick on yourself. By looking at yourself in this way, as separate, and seeing the past and future You as “other,” honor yourself just a bit more by putting your service-oriented nature to work.

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Ready to really truly honor yourself? Commit to taking the HYE Road. It’ll be the best hour you’ve spent all week.