I'm Meredith, a Boston native currently living in New York City (that is, until I begin my global travels!). I initially moved to NYC to pursue what I thought was my greatest passion-- fashion. After a year of working that 9-5, I quickly realized that fashion was not what ultimately gave my life meaning and purpose. What did get me excited was my undying curiosity for holistic, naturopathic health. So, I made a commitment to myself. I worked really hard. And I made a complete career move. Now, I work at a fitness startup called P.volve while providing private wellness and lifestyle consulting through my private practice, The HYE Life. Be sure to check out my website and instagram @theHYElife often for recipes, wellness tips, and motivational and inspirational topics! 

I don't know everything about health and wellness, but I'm extremely curious. And that's why I started the hyelife.

I've gone through my fair share of trials and tribulations, relating to everything from diet and exercise to men and my hair color. Some of these experiences happened many years ago, while others are happening right now. From teaching myself yoga in a college dorm room to enrolling at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2017, from pitching myself to a fitness startup, creating my own brand, and to now getting my Integrative Health Practitioner certification, my curiosity around holistic health has been inspired by wherever I am in life-- the people, the city, the culture, the seemingly insignificant instances that determine our futures. I'm only here to share with you what I've learned, what I've discovered about myself, and hope that it inspires your own journey of self-discovery. I hope that you find comfort and encouragement in knowing that life is always about progress, not perfection, and that small, smart changes can lead to great health. And if there is one thing I hope you can take away from of all this, it is my tried and true mantra: honor yourself everyday.  

I'm sure you've figured out by now that I have a lot to say, but I also love to listen. I want to hear your story, how you want it to be, and try my best to help you achieve it. Click here to learn more about health, wellth, and mindset coaching through the HYE Life.